Today’s workforce in North America is longer homogeneous as it was in the past. It comprises of many facets of the population such as most experienced: born before 1946; baby boomers born between 1946 and 1964; generation X – born between 1966 and 1977; 20-something and younger. Plus a multicultural diverse workforce (gay, lesbian, and a variety of ethnicities).

Owners and managers are encountering new and different challenges and opportunities of working with a new diverse group of people under one roof.

Since managers are the leaders of any business and they set the bar for others to follow. It is about being a good role model, creating strategies, policies, and procedures to support diversity in the workforce.  In addition, provide training, mentoring, and support for all employees.

Furthermore, it is vital that the working environment is safe and conducive for such a large and diverse group of people working together side by side.  By having a safe environment, and effective leadership, then ultimately the companies’ bottom line improves when it comes to productivity and profits.