Going for a job interview can be exciting, and at the same time painstakingly difficult.  This is even more challenging for new immigrants who may or may not be familiar with the job interview process.

When going for a job interview, here are three key points to keep in mind to increase your chances of landing that perfect job.

  1.  Make sure your verbal and non-verbal communication skills are superb. When first meeting the interviewer, stand up straight and offer a strong handshake and a warm smile. It is better for a woman to stick her hand out first, especially if the interviewer is a male.  This sends a strong signal that you are professional and confident.
  2. Studies have shown that within the first fifteen seconds, the interviewer decides whether to like you or not. One way to increase your chances is to dress the part. But do not over do it, know how a person dresses of a position you are applying for. Females should avoid wearing too much make up or jewelry and always dress conservatively.
  3. Besides knowing the background of the company and the interviewer,             during the interview process see how the pace is going and follow suit. If the interviewer is relaxed then take your time answering the questions. If the interviewer is fast paced, then follow suit. And also watch the body language of the interviewer because that will send you a signal how to respond.

These three tips may not guarantee you a job, but they will increase your chances significantly. Good luck!