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Everyone is gifted, but not everyone realizes their gift and leads a fulfilling life. Many fail to recognize their true purpose and passion in life. One of the main culprits is that people begin to believe the false labels stuck onto them by their family, friends and society. Over time they begin to shackle themselves with these labels. This stunts their potential to fulfill their dreams and aspirations and they become prisoners of these labels.

A positive change can often occur at a moment’s notice when a person finally decides that he or she cannot take it any longer. They awaken to the fact that they need to mentally unshackle themselves to move forward in life. What is the difference between a person who succeeds and one who doesn’t? Often it’s because they have a different way of thinking which empowers them to take concrete action.

You too are gifted and have unlimited potential but your gifts and talents can only be attained when you learn to free yourself from self-imprisonment through believing in your true potential. Gobinder Gill, himself, was once labeled as stupid, ugly and one who would amount to nothing. As an immigrant orphan child he endured more obstacles in life more than one can imagine: he suffered all kinds of abuse and racial prejudice, ate from garbage cans, weighed 61 pounds at the age of 13 and had no jacket in minus 30 degree winters. However, he refused to believe the naysayers who said he wouldn’t amount to anything.  He followed his passion and built a distinguished career in the broadcasting industry where he found himself once again facing prejudice and naysayers.

Today, Gobinder has an impressive resume of experience in the mainstream and ethnic media, including radio, TV, film and print.  He has also authored a book, “Achieving Prosperity Through Diversity”, which was named the #1 Best Seller on Amazon. He is also a TEDx Stanley Park speaker, talk titled Diversity – Evolution of the Unthinkable.

Gobinder Gill looks at the fundamental flaws we all face and offers practical tools and techniques to free yourself from self-imprisonment.  He offers private consultations, public speaking engagements, seminars and workshops.


“Gobinder Gill is a fantastic speaker and a master of inspiration through his art of Diversity/Cultural Sensitivity. I was extremely moved by his keynote speech. I truly believe everyone can benefit from his wit, wisdom, lived experiences and his knowledge. “

Souli Larki Community and Client Support Consultant/Cultural Diversity Trainer, , Yes Employment Services Inc. (Nipissing)

“On behalf of Prospera Credit Union, I’d like to express our appreciation for presenting to our leadership conference. Thank you for the excellent, valuable and personal presentation! You are a great speaker. ”

Marie Maurannes MEd CTDP , Prospera Credit Union

“On behalf of the Valley African Nova Scotian Development Association (VANSDA), I wish to express our many thanks for your contribution to The Bridging the Gap – The Road to Employment Equity Conference. I have received many very positive comments.”

Robert Ffrnech, CEO , VANSDA

“I came away from Gobinder’s session realizing the unconscious bias within me. The simple act of looking at pictures and acknowledging what first comes to mind was very powerful. The most important take away from the session was how important it is to embrace our differences to achieve our best.”

Kristie Campbell, Branch Manager, Prospera Credit Union

“Mr. Gobinder Gill introduced me to the world of public speaking. When I met him, I did not know anything about public speaking and it was a completely uncharted territory for me. He coached me for the TEDxStanely park that took place in 2015. It turned out to be an amazing experience because he was so patient and supportive. I learned a lot from him and because of him I got the confidence to explore this uncharted territory.”

Rumana Monzur, Lawyer , Advocate for Women's Rights

“Gobinder is one of our best reviewed workshop facilitators, he keeps things engaging, entertaining, and on schedule. He is a true professional, who takes pride in what he does and is always a pleasure to work with!”

Geoff Teoli, Executive Director , Actsafe Safety Association

” I was particularly delighted with how you managed to gently but firmly change the mind set of our ED and a couple of directors from resistance to being quite interested in pursuing some conscious work around this theme within our organization. I loved the way that you guided us in such a casual and engaging way to recognizing that we not only must but also can and will be able to make diversity and inclusion happen naturally within NatureKids BC.”

Cynthia E. Berg, President, NatureKids BC

Gobinder’s story telling captivated our audience right from the start! His message on “Leveraging Global Talents” served as a good lesson for business owners and managers on how they measure on the diversity spectrum and what they can do to improve job satisfaction and retention with some easy to implement strategies. His message also gave job seekers and employees a good understanding of the type of work environment to look for and their part in contributing to a productive and diverse team. Gobinder was well prepared, well spoken – and well received! Our English language students had such positive feedback that we invited him back for our Multiculturalism event!

Michelle Price, Supervisor, Immigrant Services, Chilliwack Community Services

I enjoyed myself very much and thought the event was chock full of interesting pieces, the middle school students, the entertainers, and what a wonderful MC, Mr. Gill is certainly one classy man. He did such a good job, so professional and certainly a great speaker and fun!

Shelley Kornelson, Program Coordinator, WorkBC Employment Service Centre - Sardis
” As the Director of Talent Acquisition & Development for Beall’s, Inc., I have the pleasure of sourcing, assessing and implementing our corporate training and development initiatives. In 2016 Bealls wanted to focus on the importance of cultural awareness, in order to further embrace diversity within our organization. During our annual employee appreciation meeting we invited Gobinder Gill to be our Keynote Speaker. Gobinder presented a motivational speech to our team that was fresh, inspirational, enriching, and created a wonderful message. The feedback from our team was extremely positive, and his delivery was both authentic and full of grace. Gobinder has a very moving and elegant personal presence and presented the concept of cultural diversity with tremendous warmth and genuine tone/spirit. I highly recommend Gobinder Gill for any and all opportunities that he might seek in the future.”
Magda Wyko, Beall's, Inc. (Florida, USA)
“Gobinder was a delight to work with. His reasoned thinking, fair-mindedness, limitless energy, positive attitude and boundless enthusiasm made him a great team-mate and valued leader. He was much loved and respected by all. In fact, if it wasn’t for Gobinder, I doubt that these TEDx Stanley Park conferences would have been the wild successes that they transpired to be.”
Roger Killen, Producer of TEDx Stanley Park

“ I was extremely moved by your presentation, as you were the most prolific, engaging and helpful speaker in the entire program at BCIT. Your story and passion to succeed has left an indelible impression on me. Your simple tips to not only to succeed in life, but also in business, has motivated me to move forward in my own personal life and business.”

Kassa Kaan, BCIT Venture Program

“We have had the good fortune of having Gobinder provide his informative and motivational workshops around Cultural Diversity in our environment and in the workplace, to a number of programs here at the Peter Thomson Centre for Venture Development at BCIT for over three years now. What stands out is Gobinder’s ability to really connect with his audience as his passion and sincerity is right out front in all if his presentations.”

Ken Takeuchi, Business Advisor, – BCIT School of Business