A determined optimist with a strong work ethic, Gobinder ignored naysayers who told him he would amount to nothing. Instead, he followed his vision and pursued his dream of a career in the media. Gobinder acquired a Bachelor of Applied Journalism degree as well as several diplomas and certificates in acting and film.

During his two decade career in the media, Gobinder acquired experience in a variety of positions, including on-air radio announcer, program coordinator, advertising sales representative and advertising sales manager.

In addition, he has written a syndicated column and numerous articles for Metro Valley Newspapers and The Vancouver Sun on business, cultural diversity and other issues involving ethnic communities. He worked for CBC Radio and Television as a reporter and researcher. He had principal acting roles in television dramas (such as Air Wolf) and television commercials. He has also worked as a movie and a TV set dresser (some of the titles include Air Buddies, Dr. Doolittle, Another Cinderella Story and Psych).

Gobinder Gill has a profound perspective on North American diversity that can only come from first-hand experience. Orphaned in India at the age of eight, Gobinder was raised by relatives.  He immigrated to Canada at the age of nine and faced a disadvantaged childhood and extreme racial prejudice.  After graduating from high school in Prince George, B.C., he came to Vancouver in 1981 and entered the workforce — only to find himself once again encountering prejudice and discouragement.

He has also authored a book on cultural diversity in the workplace called “Achieving Prosperity through Diversity”, which was named the #1 Best Seller on Amazon, and spoke at TEDx Stanley Park in a speech titled Diversity – Evolution of the UnthinkableToday, through public speaking engagements, seminars and workshops, he provides diversity and cultural sensitivity training for various organizations.  He is also a motivational speaker on topics of self-belief and self-empowerment.

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” As the Director of Talent Acquisition & Development for Beall’s, Inc., I have the pleasure of sourcing, assessing and implementing our corporate training and development initiatives. In 2016 Bealls wanted to focus on the importance of cultural awareness, in order to further embrace diversity within our organization. During our annual employee appreciation meeting we invited Gobinder Gill to be our Keynote Speaker. Gobinder presented a motivational speech to our team that was fresh, inspirational, enriching, and created a wonderful message. The feedback from our team was extremely positive, and his delivery was both authentic and full of grace. Gobinder has a very moving and elegant personal presence and presented the concept of cultural diversity with tremendous warmth and genuine tone/spirit. I highly recommend Gobinder Gill for any and all opportunities that he might seek in the future.”
Magda Wyko, Beall's, Inc.
“Gobinder was a delight to work with. His reasoned thinking, fair-mindedness, limitless energy, positive attitude and boundless enthusiasm made him a great team-mate and valued leader. He was much loved and respected by all. In fact, if it wasn’t for Gobinder, I doubt that these TEDx Stanley Park conferences would have been the wild successes that they transpired to be.”
Roger Killen, Producer of TEDx Stanley Park
“ I was extremely moved by your presentation, as you were the most prolific, engaging and helpful speaker in the entire program at BCIT. Your story and passion to succeed has left an indelible impression on me. Your simple tips to not only to succeed in life, but also in business, has motivated me to move forward in my own personal life and business.”
Kassa Kaan, BCIT Venture Program
“ We have had the good fortune of having Gobinder provide his informative and motivational workshops around Cultural Diversity in our environment and in the workplace, to a number of programs here at the Peter Thomson Centre for Venture Development at BCIT for over three years now. What stands out is Gobinder’s ability to really connect with his audience as his passion and sincerity is right out front in all if his presentations.”
Ken Takeuchi, Business Advisor, – BCIT School of Business
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