Diversity and Inclusion

The definition of “diversity” in any given situation depends on who you ask. People define the concept based on their individual backgrounds and upbringing. As a result, these definitions are as numerous as the individuals defending it. In today’s workplace there needs to be a consistent definition to facilitate a harmonious work environment. This session will assist an organization to define and develop a diversity policy based on a more thorough understanding of the many facets of diversity.

And the term “inclusion” is where an organization has made every effort and practices towards every employee of different cultural background to treat them fairly. Inclusion is a sense of belonging, respect and being valued.


This 90-minute virtual or in-person interactive workshop includes exercises, breakout sessions and a Q&A session.

Who should attend

This workshop is suitable for all your employees and essential for your human resources personnel, supervisors and managers.

Learning Outcomes

  • Your management team will know the definition of diversity and inclusion.
  • Your management team will recognize why it is important to incorporate diversity in the workplace.
  • Your management team will understand when diversity and inclusion really takes place in an organization.
  • Your management team will know  how to avoid the pitfalls.
  • Your management team will be crystal clear how to make sure the decision makers are accountable?
  • Your management team will know how the organization will benefit from diversity and inclusion.


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