Cross-cultural Awareness and Understanding

Today’s workforce is growing increasingly diverse and at a rate that can be overwhelming. The diversity by its nature presents challenges for everyone in the workplace, be they management or staff. Understanding cultural differences is a two way street. However, diversity works when everyone understands and respects each other’s cultural proclivities. It is not possible to know intimately every different culture, however, the more one knows, the better the chances are to avoid workplace clashes.


This 90-minute virtual or in-person interactive workshop includes exercises, breakout sessions and a Q&A session.

Who should attend

This workshop is suitable for all your employees and essential for human resources personnel, supervisors and managers.

Learning Outcomes

  • Your team will understand and value the communication styles of Asians, South Asians, North Americans and others.
  • Your staff will have a better understanding of the impact of non-verbal communication.
  • Your staff will recognize the critical cultural taboos to be aware of and how to avoid them
  • Your staff will learn how to facilitate congenial communications on a one-to-one basis.


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Cross-cultural Awareness and Understanding

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