Retaining a Multicultural Staff

To successfully compete in the global market as well as at home, the biggest challenge for any business is to keep valuable employees. The first step is hiring qualified candidates and the next equally essential step, is to retain them.


This 90-minute virtual or in-person interactive workshop includes exercises, breakout sessions and a Q&A session.

Who should attend

This workshop is suitable for human resources personnel, supervisors and managers.

Learning Outcomes

  • Your management will know how to recognize and acknowledge cultural elements of a diverse workforce.
  • Your management team will identify when and how to accommodate employee’s cultural obligations.
  • Your management team will learn how to assure employees that they are appreciated and valued.
  • Your management team will know how to recognize the full spectrum of talents, skills and abilities and make the most of them.


Unconscious Bias

Diversity and Inclusion

Retaining a Multicultural Staff

Cross-cultural Awareness and Understanding

Diversity: Corporate Strategy