As the economy begins to improve, there is often a tendency for highly qualified employees to seek greener pastures elsewhere. This makes it very challenging for any organization to retain the  brightest  employees in a diverse  workplace. 

Here are several tools and techniques to retain a multicultural staff:

  • Make sure all staff members are treated equally with respect. Many new immigrants will not complain because they do not want to rock the boat, and then eventually leave.
  • The work environment must have open communication channels and be conducive for growth and development.

  • The workplace must have a  harmonious environment where no employee feels biased against them.
  • Each employee must be made to feel welcome, treasured and respected.
  • The management team needs to understand and accommodate employees who have certain obligations, unlike in the western culture, to extended family members such as funerals, weddings, hospital visits.
  • Every employee should  be given an equal opportunity to excel in their career.
  • Training such as IT, diversity, team enhancement should be offered on a regular basis.

It is vital that every step is taken to keep highly qualified employees instead trying to hire new recruits. On an average it costs a company $10K plus to hire a new a employee.