Besides having a superb resume and a great job interview, it is also vital to have solid and dependable references. In some instances, they can actually be the final tipping point in aiding you to get that job or not.

Here are several simple key points to keep in mind when it comes to references. First, make sure the references are current. These individuals should be who you have worked with during the past five years or less. And make sure they are positive and dependable people. This is critical because they might be excited to give you a reference, but if they put an unconstructive spin, it could ruin your chances.

Furthermore, if the references are from a foreign country, then it is your duty somehow to make sure they can be reached during your working hours. Plus they should be able to speak fluent English.

In addition, make sure your references are both expecting to be contacted and are easy to contact. An employer may become frustrated if they allocate too much time to get hold of them.

The best references often are people such as your past superiors and co-workers because they will be able to speak on your accomplishments, work ethics and attitude.