On an annual basis Canada accepts close to 250,000 new immigrants into the country. Many of them have settled comfortably but there is still a small portion that faces many obstacles. It seems one of the main stumbling blocks is not knowing sufficient English or French.

And to make matters worse, a large percentage of these immigrants often from certain groups, tend to settle and stay within their respected communities. By doing so this not only restricts them from attaining what Canada has to offer but also limits them from achieving their full potential in career.

Federal Government documents revealed certain immigrants are encountering tougher times which have a negative impact on their potential earnings growth.

Recently Immigration Minister Jason Kenny stated that under the PN (provincial nominee) applicants in semi-or low skilled jobs will be required to meet minimum language standards in French or English commencing July 1.

Adapting to a new country and culture is not easy but to overcome this predicament the immigrants need to go out of their comfort zone and learn one of the official languages.

Here is a simple step, every day make the effort to speak to five different people other than from your culture. A short and simple conversation about the weather or something else current is an excellent start. And make every effort to speak English or French no matter how bad it sounds.

There is a perception among the immigrants that people will laugh or mock at their language skills, which is not the case because practically all English or French speaking Canadians will appreciate that one is making the effort. Good luck.