In recent years, due to political correctness, many organizations are unsure how to celebrate Christmas. Many organizations have decided to opt out of having a Christmas tree or even exchange gifts. And have started wishing colleagues “Happy Holidays” instead “Merry Christmas” so they do not offend non-Christians.

I am not sure who came up with this foolish concept of being politically or religiously correct because I believe it is wrong! We should all celebrate Christmas. This is one of the ways to break down the barriers. Just because one does not believe in a certain faith that does not mean they should not understand other religious festivals.

Then why do we encourage everyone in the workplace and general in society to participate in ethnic festivals such as Diwali, (Indian Festival) Chinese New Year and Black Month, etc.? Every person should celebrate and partake in all types of festivals.

Coming from a South Asian (Indian) background and having lived most of my life in Canada, I have not met one Canadian of Indian descent who says we should not celebrate Christmas. Matter of fact close to 90 percent of Indians in Canada celebrate Christmas by having a Christmas tree, lights and exchanging gifts and go to temples on Christmas Eve.

By understanding other religious events and cultural festivities allow all people from diverse backgrounds to come together, which ultimately creates greater harmony in the workplace and in the world.