Managers are truly the leaders of any business. They are the ones who set the bar and then follow up by setting the examples for rest of the staff members to follow.

It is important for managers to step up and recognize the importance of a diverse cultural workforce. And also getting the gears spinning and brain storming ideas to create goals and initiate strategies to lead a company and the workforce into the 21st century.

If a company wants its mangers to be leaders in diverse workforce initiatives, then it must too support in strategies, policies and procedures to provide training and mentoring.

It is difficult to lead others when you are not sure of the directions: your beliefs, values, and potential biases and stereotypes. This is not about judgement, but rather a time to be honest with yourself. We all have all preconceptions about a variety of things because we grew up with them.

In order to become aware of others, create self-awareness (dislikes, likes, prejudice, etc.) of yourself, determine what you believe to be true and ask yourself if it is really true.

In current changing business climate successful managers are the ones who can lead a diverse cultural workforce into the 21st century. The bottom line for any company : profits and productivity.