Losing valuable employees is another price tag that all organizations  can do without. But why do employees leave? And then go to work, perhaps with a competitor, and taking with them valuable work experiences and perhaps even clients.

Employees leave for various reasons, it could be that they are trying to climb the corporate ladder faster. However, in many instances, it is often due to a supervisor or manager where the relationship has become problematic.

Another reason, a particular employee that is well liked and respected leaves the company but decides to venture on his/her own.

Then there are the responsibilities of a position that has changed and the employee no longer has deeper involvement or provides enough stimulation or purposefulness.

The other main reason is that the work culture has changed and the employee no longer feels valued or respected. Many employees do not only want a sense of belonging, but also want to be appreciated for what they do. And often it not due to money.

In other cases, employees leave a position that has very little to do with a company, but just want a change. Then there is always the issue that the employee is not sure why he or she is leaving without any justifiable reasons.

In any case, high turnover in any company can be very costly due to hiring and retraining new employees. To offset this, if possible, have a genuine dialogue with an outgoing employee to see why he or she is leaving. If possible, then implement the solutions to avoid further staff erosion.