These days many organizations are appointing or bringing in Diversity coordinators not only to bring about cultural harmony in the workplace but more important for productivity and profitability.

The role of a diversity coordinator can vary, depending on the size of business and the number of employees; from conducting workshops to organizing a special function to creating and implementing policies.

Apparently some of the diversity coordinators are not fully qualified. In some smaller companies a person gets automatically chosen to fill the role because of their ethnic background. This is not the best way to choose a diversity coordinator. A person of  colour or certain ethnic background does not warrant qualifications.

Then what does it take to be a good diversity coordinator?

A diversity coordinator must be knowledge about the business and an operational environment of the company. A coordinator should also be well versed in the legal frameworks surrounding duties in the company.

Knowledge of diversity issues and related topics should be something they constantly try to understand and employ. They should also be aware of the best practices and what has worked well not only within their organization but also in other companies.

They should also continue to keep pace with the latest developments that may affect certain practices and policies.

Diversity coordinator should also have  a strong communication and management skills, and be able to communicate effectively with employees from  diverse cultural backgrounds: Baby boomers, X-generation, Y-generation, people with disability, gays and lesbians and people from multicultural backgrounds.

This person needs to be seen as a diversity champion who is able to bring all staff members together for not only for cultural harmony but also for productivity and profitability