Today many companies in North America boast that they have diversity in the workplace. Having people from various ethnic backgrounds on a payroll does not mean a company has diversity in the workplace. True diversity only occurs when people of diverse backgrounds are hired for all positions including in top management where important decisions are made and executed.

In many instances, people from diverse backgrounds or of a certain ethnic group are hired to do a particular or mundane task with very little contribution to the company’s productivity or profit margin.  For diversity to work effectively, it must be first implemented in the company’s mission and vision statement.

This also applies to salaries, because wages should be kept in parity with going scale for all employees.   Just imagine if people of a certain hair colour or age made more than the rest of the staff doing the same or similar work.  Such unfair practices in salaries often lead to disgruntled employees, which ultimately affects the company’s bottom line:  productivity and profits.

Whenever the HR department is trying to implement diversity in the workplace, it is always important to keep in mind to hire the best qualified candidate for the position.