Someone said, “it is not how many people you know, but how many people know you”. And one way of achieving this is by net working. Networking is not easy but it is an art of communicating and building relationships.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when attending networking groups.

Quality Connections: Your main objective is to meet other like-minded individuals and establish quality connections. Avoid going on a frenzy handing out business cards because often they will end up in the garbage bin. It is better to make one or two significant contacts instead trying to connect with dozens of individuals. Once contact has been established then reconnect on a regular basis to further strengthen relationships.

Dress Appropriately: Dressing appropriately will set you apart from others .Whatever you wear, make sure it not only looks good on you but also that it fits you.  Many people, especially men wear suits that are often too large for their size. It is better that you have one quality fitted suit than three that do not fit.

Good Listener: Be a good listener as if you are a journalist taking notes mentally and that you have to write a news story. Many people often do not even let the other person finish speaking before interrupting. Incorporate this policy: when speaking with another person, pause for two full seconds before responding. This will not only make you a good listener but also allow you to collect your thoughts before responding.

Elevator Pitch: Always have an elevator pitch ready. The pitch should consist of the following:  memorable introduction, situation and results.

And remember when meeting new people you are not there to sell them anything or asking for a job.  Your main objective is to make good solid connections, and assist others if you can whether it is through referrals or other means.