As Canada’s workforce becomes even more culturally diverse, it is important that the work environment be harmonious and inviting. A million dollar question is does how a company with staff does from diverse backgrounds and cultures bring everyone together for profits and productivity? This can be easily achieved by acknowledgment and appreciation of one another through Cultural Awareness Training that should be done on a regular basis.

Cultural awareness training and education should be mandatory for all staff members including the executive management and CEOs. In many companies, new employees are hired while others leave, and holding cultural awareness training only once in a while.

Due to labour shortage a large number of foreign trained workers are entering the Canadian workforce and they bring with them new expectations. I was recently at a meeting, where a young doctor from Saudi Arabia excused herself for a few minutes to pray.

These days a large number of organizations are beginning to provide accommodations for staff members who pray several times throughout the day or others who just want to meditate.

Business that accommodate to the needs of their diverse workforce will most likely succeed not only at home, but also abroad in today’s changing global economic market that is becoming smaller and more competitive.