The recent arrival of 500 Tamils from war torn Sri Lanka on the West Coast has irked many Canadians who feel they should be sent back because they have jumped the queue. This is just  a fraction of the number of refugees Canada accepts every year, which is close to 30,000.
Canada is a nation comprised of immigrants from all over the world who have built this country, and now being touted as the poster child around the world during these recent hard economic times.
 Many Canadians may not be aware that the biggest threat facing Canada in the coming years is labour shortage!  This is due to low birth rates and baby boomers retiring in large numbers in the coming years.  It is evident that without adequate workforce, profits and productivity will diminish among many businesses as they continue to compete in the ever changing global market.
These Tamils who have risked everything to make a better life for themselves should be allowed to stay! After the bona fide refugees have settled, they will make a great contribution to the Canadian economy as many new comers have done in the past. 
However, many of these subjects will end up doing menial jobs, which majority of Canadians will never touch.  Next time, when one goes to the Fraser Valley farms, have a good look who is doing the back breaking hard labour:  mostly immigrants from India and Mexico.