These days, for companies to be successful, they need to understand the critical value of ensuring that their labor force reflects their markets. Leaders of organizations need to ask themselves, how far have we come? Well, a small percentage of the Canadian businesses have taken diversity seriously, but for many others, it does not even register on their radar.

Here are some fundamentals that could assist companies to take action:

  •  No longer people are stuck in buildings like in the past and where they could  only look out through the glass windows. The technology that  evolves daily allows workers to gain better understanding of the world around them and attain bright ideas. They will leave if their ideas or they are not respected and embraced.
  • It is no longer valid that individuals with fancy titles are the only ones has the brightest ideas to move the organization forward. In today’s age, titles matter less, but individuals who can think out of the box often come up with bright ideas and move organizations forward. And these core ideas are more likely to  occur in a diverse workplace.
  • Today’s progressive workplace represents the UN, people come from different cultures, different backgrounds, speak different languages, etc.
  • The average workplace consists of Baby Boomers, gays and lesbians, transgender, generation-x,  millennium, 20-something,  newly arrived immigrants, and people with disabilities, etc. And with that comes different perspectives in the workplace.
  • According Statistics Canada by 2031, more than 52 per cent of the population in Vancouver will be visible minorities and in Toronto it will more than 63 percent. Large Canadians cities are becoming culturally diverse.
  • Increasing diversity leads to increasing complexity, which calls for enhanced efforts for inclusion. Seeking out, listening, and responding to the voices of all of our constituents is more important than ever.
  • Businesses need to be aware of this exciting and challenging period in the modern workforce. If businesses are not open-minded in their new strategies and new emerging markets, they will miss the golden opportunity of the 21st century.

For any organization to be successful, it needs to make diversity as a business strategy. The world is changing and so should your attitudes!