It is always a sigh of relief for any organization when employees are staying put and not looking for work elsewhere. This is usually brought on by the result of the weak economy and satisfaction of one’s job.

But as the Canadian economy begins to slowly improve, especially in Western Canada that is commodity based, employees once again will look for greener pastures elsewhere. Weak or stable economy, it is vital that any corporation must retain their loyal and productive staff!

Here are some suggestions companies can implement to retain their good employees.

First, value all staff members with respect and dignity. Then make sure the working culture environment is conducive to progress, communication and prosperity.

Then a stable and friendly environment must be created; no one employee should fee bias against them. And all workers must be made to feel welcome, appreciated and valued.

Furthermore, the management team must be willing to accommodate special occasions, especially when they have a diverse cultural workforce: birthdays, funeral, hospital visits, etc.

And the working culture of any company has to be friendly where religion, sexual orientation, ethnic background, age, etc. must be accepted and respected. Plus skills and talents have to be valued because no employee wants to work in a place where they feel their expertises are not fully utilized.

In addition, all employees must be given an equal opportunity in climbing the corporate ladder.

In any economy the first phase is to hire the best candidate for the job and then take  steps to retain them.