It is one thing to say you support a  multicultural  workforce and another thing to actually create, lead and manage diversity initiatives. When employees lose faith in the company’s diversity initiatives, they also lose faith in the company!

When this occurs , organizations lose productivity, profits and valuable employees.

This can happen by:

  • Promoting staff by name only, but not in wages or responsibilities.
  • Not compensating employees for their efforts.
  • Not implementing mentorship programs and ongoing training for all employees.
  • And approaching diversity as a series of unlinked schemes. It takes cooperation from the entire organization, among managers and staff, to embrace and sustain diverse workforce.
  • Not respecting employees.

However, leaders can build and maintain faith by:

  • Making sure to design clear diversity initiatives and objectives.
  • Creating methods to monitor the changes and make improvement on a regular basis.
  • Always clarifying the rationale for benefits, challenges and the importance of multiculturalism in the place of work
  • Incorporating new strategies to being different in cultural work styles.
  • Improving the cross-cultural communication skills.
  • Removing employment barriers
  • Having measures in place to track progress every four to six months.
  • Appointing a diversity team/coordinator.
  • It is vital to let all the employees know that diversity and inclusion will make their jobs more stimulating. And they will gain knowledge of new things they were unaware of before. They also need to be made aware that the world is changing, it is becoming smaller and but more competitive. Having  diversity initiatives in place is an edge over competitors.