These days finding a good job can be difficult for any person, but this can be even more of a daunting task if one is new to the country. Here are some basic steps anyone can incorporate into their job search.

You must have a strategic plan as to how you are going to get that perfect job. First, know what kind of job you are seeking because often many people, especially new immigrants, are not sure and they just want a job.

Once you know what type of job, and then write out a strategic plan as to how you are going to get there. For example, which organizations you are going to apply at this week and next week till you get that interview and an ideal job?

Prior to your interview know ahead of time what kind of questions you might be asked at the interview. It is vital that you are prepared. And also do your research at about the company and if possible about the interviewer which can be done on the internet and LinkedIn

To make a better impression, dress the part, smile and have a strong handshake. Another good tip is to bring an extra resume, just in case they cannot find yours or another person decides to sit in on the interview.

While you are searching or already have a job, make contacts and build relationships with other people because many of the positions are filled through referrals.

Many people are afraid to venture out of their safe territory. It is important to know other people and make friends weather it is at the Meet-Up Groups, International Toastmasters or at another organization.

The best time to find a good job is when you are working. This allows you to be more confident and seem less needy. And good luck!