These days job competition is extremely high and it takes a lot more than just possessing hard skills which are necessary to do the job. What is even more important to be successful in the job market is to possess soft skills.

What are soft skills? Soft skills are not taught in schools but rather are personal traits that are learned from throughout one’s life. This could be simple as greeting someone in a certain manner or being able to chit chat around the water cooler.

In an interview, one’s soft skills could come through the way one dresses, firm handshake, eye contact and even self-confidence.

This is extremely important for new immigrants who often struggle finding employment because they do not always view soft skills important as hard skills.In many ethnic cultures, there is a false sense of belief that saying very little or being soft spoken is favored by the employer, which is not always true.

It is crucial for every individual seeking employment not only to have hard skills but also sharpen up on their soft skills.