A large number of new immigrants find many challenges when it comes to finding employment. And once they go through the interview process, they are often informed that they do not have Canadian work experience. What the employer often is telling them indirectly is that they are lacking in “soft skills”.

These are simple, but very important skills which consist of carrying on a conversation around the water-cooler or in the luncheon room. These conversations could consist of speaking about the latest in sports, upcoming public events, etc.

To put it in another way, the hiring person is asking themselves will this new person fit in their company’s working environment.  After all, the employer is not only seeking jobs skills but also inner qualities that will make the applicant a great team player.

One of the reasons many new immigrants lack soft skill is because they are unfamiliar with the Canadian culture’s day to day happenings. One of the ways for new immigrants to attain these crucial skills is by integrating into the larger mainstream society.