Creating diversity initiatives in a company are a great start, but for anything to actually come about there is one important body of the organization that has to be brought on board and that is the top management.

Without the 100% support of the senior management, there is very little chance that anything will be achieved. Otherwise it will probably be nothing more than a window dressing which many small and large companies fall into.

Why is it important to win over the top management? First, they are the ones who decide if any funds will be allocated, and how much for diversity initiatives.

These days commitment from the management are not only about the funds but more importantly it is about taking leadership. When the senior management is on-board and sends a clear and precise signal about the importance of diversity, only then the entire company from top to bottom takes it seriously.

Often many diversity initiatives falter because it is looked upon solely as the responsibility of the Human Resources department. A large number of the organizations will take very little action unless the message comes from the top.

Here are a few points to ponder:

  • What is the management level of commitment =? Has it changed in the past year? And if yes, then how?
  • Also critical to know who are the diversity champions in the company? And what positions and opinions do they hold?
  • Are these staff members valued and respected?

For any diversity initiatives to work all parties have to come on board. And it will be easier for senior management to come on board once they see the true value diversity brings into the corporations.  The bottom line: productivity and profitability.