Younger workers are critical to any workforce because they bring fresh energy, new ideas and enthusiasm. Furthermore, they bring with them technical knowledge to an organization that must compete at home and abroad. But retaining staff members  in their 20’s can be difficult.

A larger percentage of them are not  loyal to any corporation and will take jobs that will enhance their profession. And when it comes to the fast pace change, they embrace it with open arms, unlike the older workers.

To keep younger workers for a long period of time in a company, it is important to recognize their background and values.

Many young workers are time sensitive; therefore, perform several tasks at the same time. Furthermore, they are keen to learn new skills, try to bring introduce new training and education.

One technique is to get them to do presentations or workshops where they speak about their craft. Or even better get them to offer workshops or seminars regarding technical skills to other staff members.In addition, get regular independent feedback from them which could be face-to -face dialogue or through on-line: exchanging new ideas to come up with better solutions.

It is important that they are continually challenged in their field and at the same time are  appreciated for their contribution.