Training and education, as it relates to retaining a diverse workforce, has two paths to take. On the one hand, your organization wants to provide opportunities for career growth.

This contributes not only to retain employees, but allows them to focus on their success which in the long term benefits the organization.

For instance, companies that offer language learning programs, seminars on marketing and the new global markets and opportunities to understand and utilized new technologies to stay ahead of their competition. They deliver a higher retention rate because employees recognize the value of learning opportunities.

  • Customers awareness has shifted based on globalization and the prospects are very high. Employers must be cognizant of these attitudes, serve customers in other languages. Many companies offer services in other than English: Cantonese, Mandarin, Spanish, Hindi and Punjabi, Farsi, etc.
  • Technology is always evolving, and customers and staff must stay current.
  • Knowledge of competitors and products is essential plus emerging markets.
  • An organization must adapt to the changes to be successful.

The second way that training and education must follow to retain a diverse workforce is to offer a continual dialogue and training on diversity. This includes:

  • Honest personal assessments of biases, attitudes and opinions.
  • Honest dialogue is essential.
  • Established goals to achieve as they relate to diversity and understanding as well as embracing and working with differences.
  • Teaching verbal communication skills that make everyone feel appreciated and valued.

Training and education is an ongoing and continuous process that must be embraced as part of the company’s philosophy. That means it must be offered to all levels of employees from the top senior executives to the lower-tier employees.