In today’s competitive  job market, it is vital that organizations are able to retain valuable employees. This is even more compelling when the workforce is culturally diverse.

Here are some points which every organization can implement to retain valuable employees.

  • Every staff member must be  given equal opportunity to climb the corporate ladder.
  • The management must be aware of the skills and talent of highly productive employees and utilizes those talents.
  • The upper management must be open minded towards individual from different cultures. And be willing to accommodate  their needs such as religion, dress and ethnic foods, etc..
  • Acknowledge and celebrate special occasions such as the Chinese New Year, Diwali, St. Patrick’s Parade, etc.
  • All employees need to be treated with respect and that they be appreciated for what they contribute to the company.
  • The environment in the workplace must be conducive to  development,  communication and growth.
  • Offer training and education,  such as cultural sensitivity, social media, personal improvement, etc.
  • On a regular basis have a luncheon gathering, movie night or something else that is fun, entertaining and engaging.

It is more important now than ever before that companies are able to hold on to valuable employees because without a stable workforce it becomes very difficult for any organization to be productive and profitable.