Training and education, as it relates to retaining a diverse workforce, has two paths to take. On the one hand you want to provide opportunities for career development.

This helps you keep employees engaged and focus on their success and the company reaps the benefits.

For example, companies that offer language learning programs, seminars on marketing and the new global market, and opportunities to understand and utilize new technologies stay ahead of the game competitively. They also have a higher retention rate because employees recognize the value of learning opportunities.

–         Customer awareness has changed based on globalization and the expectations are very high. Employers must be aware of these attitudes. Serve customers in other languages – many companies offer services other than English: Cantonese, Mandarin, Spanish, Hindi or Punjabi.

–         Technology is always evolving and customers and staff must stay current.

–         Knowledge of competitor and products is essential + emerging markets.

In today’s fierce global market organizations must adapt to the changes to have greater productivity and profitability.

Next week, I will look at the second benefit of training and education: Dialogue and education on Diversity.