The second avenue that training and education must follow in order to retain a multicultural workforce is to provide a continual dialogue and education on diversity.

This includes:

  • Honest personal assessments of biases, attitudes and beliefs
  • Open a and honest dialogue
  • Establish goals to achieve as they relate to Diversity and understanding as well as embracing and working with differences
  • Teaching verbal communication skills that make everyone feel appreciated and respected
  • Teaching listening, compassion, and appreciation skills that make everyone feel respected

Training and education is an ongoing and continuous process that must be embraced as part of the company philosophy. That means it must be provided to all levels of employees, from the top senior executives to the lower-tier employees.

Training must also recognize that people have different learning styles to reach all employees optimally and make everyone feel included and respected.

Finally, the other important facet to retaining a multicultural workforce is to provide a welcoming atmosphere.