Even today, many organizations are having a tough time to find the right candidate with exceptional skills. Then there are companies  who supposedly find the right person, but soon afterwards  leaves. This could be perhaps  the position was not stimulating enough or simply was not a good fit.

When a company finds the ideal employee, then it is vital to do everything possible to retain that person.

Here are just some of the benefits of retaining good employees:

  • Organizations  that  are able to retain employees allocate less resources to finding new people. It costs from $10,000 plus to hire a new person.
  • There is greater morale in the workplace whenever employees stay longer at a company.
  • Staff members are more productive, more responsive and profits increase.

Here some points organizations can implement:

Conduct educational training on a regular basis, such as cross cultural communication  to social media. Employees want to be stimulated and want to learn new skills.And also create cultural harmony in the workplace where everyone feels welcome and respected. In addition, let them know they are valued.

Mentoring, formal or informal, allows an employee a sense of security. They have someone to reach out to when they need help.  This is  more important, especially when it comes to immigrant workers who at times need a little more time for assimilation.

Employees just do not stay at a place for the sake of staying. They often do  so when they are respected, feel productive, valued for their work, and are treated fairly. Apparently money is not always the main reason why people stay or leave.