In today’s competitive work environment, the first and foremost objective for a company is to hire the most qualified candidate(s). And the next important point is to retain those valuable employees so your company does not become a revolving door. Constantly having to replace staff is costly both in time and resources. In addition, it has a detrimental effect on company morale.

To create a welcoming atmosphere designed to achieve a high level of employee retention: mentoring and diversity training are just two of the points that should be implemented. These two important elements will go a long way toward creating an environment where all staff members feel welcome and respected.

However, on the surface, decision makers may think this is an easy task, but that might not be the case. First, conduct a quick employee assessment as to how welcoming your workplace really is, and it just might tell a different story.

While there are many ways to achieve this ideal environment, the best way is to get your employees involved in creating strategies and establishing initiatives to improve workforce morale and creating cultural harmony.

Here are a couple of ideas you may want to incorporate. If possible, try to be flexible because employees from certain ethnic cultures have different requests such as attending the funeral/wedding of an extended relative/friend, which is often not the norm in North America.

And also try to be proactive by celebrating/acknowledging special occasions such as Diwali (Indian festival of lights), Vasisakhi (Sikh New Year) Chinese New Year, Ramadan, St. Patrick’s Parade, etc. These occasions are cherished and embraced.

And create a team of employees from all levels of the company whose main goal is to improve the atmosphere and ensure that all employees feel respected. This may include appreciation days , welcoming committees, and recognition for accomplishments as it relatives to diversity and cultural sensitivity goals