Retaining a Multicultural Staff

Organizations  understand that keeping valuable staff is critical to the success of their company, particularly when the make-up of the North American workforce is becoming increasingly multicultural.

The benefits of retaining a multicultural staff are endless. Organizations that achieve a higher retention rate require fewer resources to hire and train new employees. According to the Conference Board of Canada, depending on the position, cost-per-hire ranges could between $3,300 and $43,000.

Here are several methods to retain a multicultural staff:

  • Treat all employees equally with respect.
  • Build a working environment that is conducive to development, communication and growth.
  • Establish a secure and friendly environment: no staff member should feel a bias against them.

The other type of training that crucial is cultural awareness  where understanding and embracing the differences and similarities to bring about greater harmony and productivity.   As the competition heats up for valuable staff, the businesses that will survive and thrive in today’s changing times will be the ones that adapt to the needs of their diverse multicultural staff.

In addition, there are two types of mentoring programs: formal and informal. Furthermore, it is critical to have training and education on a regular basis for the entire staff: technology to current markets.

Any business that refuses to implement some of these elements will eventually become a revolving door.

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