Many of us at one time or another have worked in a toxic environment that result in feelings of being unwanted and unappreciated. Such work environment is neither beneficial for the employee or the company, especially when it comes to cultural harmony, productivity and profits.

Toxic environment could refer to many elements in the workplace, such as back- stabbing, racism, bullying, sexism, etc. I have worked at many corporations in the media, and there is always at least one person who finds enjoyment in making others feel uncomfortable and miserable. I can still recall saying to myself working on a TV show, “when will this journey end?”

If you or someone else you know are caught in this vicious work environment, here are some steps you can take.

  • Speak to your supervisor
  • Bring the issue to higher management – HR department
  • If all fails, then take the matter to the labor relations department

Most business owners will recognize and rectify the problem immediately to bring about greater cultural harmony. Decision makers need to understand that every employee needs to be respected and welcome with open arms. And when people are not happy then the bottom line also suffers – productivity and profits.

And if all attempts fall short, then you have no choice but to look for employment elsewhere. Staying at your current job in a toxic environment may not be the best scenario because trying to change others is not always the best route, especially when they have no desire to change. Or they might be in a position of authority.