There is an unwritten rule in many workplaces when an employee leaves to work for a different company; they are not always welcome back. And this is a huge mistake many organizations continue to make because there is no real reason why that person is not asked to come back. People leave their jobs for various reasons, from not getting along with the boss to seeking better wages and challenges.

In some sectors of the media, at times it is looked upon as favourable to gain experience at a competitor. And then reapply because now that individual has an extensive knowledge not only about their work, plus their competitor’s way of conducting business.

When an employee leaves, an exit-interview needs to be conducted.  This will highlight as to why this particular staff member is leaving and how improvements could be carried out for profits, productivity and greater harmony in the workplace.

If an employee is not leaving on bad terms, then they should be encouraged to reapply at a later stage and keep the communication channels open.

This will not only make your company more favourable to work for but also the human resources personnel will have a greater chance of recruiting top calibre people.