When seeking new recruitment, it is important to have a large number of qualified applicants apply for a position. This allows a company to have a bigger selection of candidates to choose from.

However, majority of the businesses apply the same approach as they did ten or fifteen years ago when it comes to filling vacant positions. This is by placing advertisements in mainstream papers, on-line and within various agencies. To have a greater number of proficient applicants applying for a job, it is critical that advertisements be also placed in among some of the prominent ethnic publications.

In major metropolitan cities, a large percentage of the ethnic population still get their everyday information from news to traffic from their respected ethnic media outlets. In the next decade or so, one in three of the new positions will need to be filled by new immigrants. This situation will become even further acute due to low birth rates and baby boomers retiring at record number in the coming years.

As tomorrow’s workforce becomes ever more culturally diverse, finding that right qualified candidate will be vital to having a stable and competent staff that will manoeuvre a business to succeed in the ever changing global business market.