I recently attended a forum in Vancouver, B.C. called – How racists are we? And quickly learned that hardcore ill-feelings toward others who are different still exist when several people were asked to leave after they became rude and  disorderly.

Racism is no longer what it used to be  but subtle racism still exists in many parts of the Canadian society.

In my  TEDx talk (now on YouTube titled Diversity: Evolution of the Unthinkable) I state that racism is an attitude that has been created over time by societies around the world. Apparently the world we live in today is based on race. And over the years it has been integrated into our economies, laws and social structure.

When it comes to racism, it is not a black or  white issue, because ill-feelings exist between Korea and Japan, and even between Pakistan and India that used be one country.

I can recall in the late 1980’s, when I would go on the air to do a newscast,  the switchboard would light up with listeners calling to complain, “Take that Hindu off the air”.

I have always viewed people as flowers in a garden. Every flower has its own unique qualities and fragrance. And every person is no different than a flower because the needs are all the same.

We need to change our thinking and attitudes for the betterment of our society. If racism is not eradicated then it becomes  like rust on a car that slowly eats away at the entire body.

Here are simple tips you can take to overcome ill-feelings toward others who are different.

  • Get to know the other party
  • Ask questions
  • Embrace the similarities and differences
  • Learn about other cultures
  • Educate yourself

In the long term the more you become aware of other cultures and people than  you have a better chance of succeeding in your personal and professional life.