Hopefully your organization is at the point now where top decision makers are beginning to realize that in order to thrive in the 21st century and to rise to the top of your industry, they must put a high value on the diversity of your employees, your clients, and even your suppliers

Diversity must become a whole hearted, and openly embraced the company philosophy.

However, a philosophy is the beginning, once a direction is chosen; strategies must be implemented to help move your company in the right direction. Goals must be set, strategies designed and implemented, and results assessed.

It is also imperative that the entire company be involved in the growth and development of corporate diversity strategies.

That means education and personal evaluation is required, as not everyone understands diversity because people are coming from a different set of experiences, biases and education.

Specifically, companies will want to look at their:

  • Current vision and mission statements
  • Present diversity education and awareness policies and procedures
  • Recruiting strategies
  • Mentoring and training opportunities
  • Turnover rate and general employee happiness
  • Promotion of policies and salaries
  • Company reputation, as it relates to diversity
  • Opportunities to get involved in diversity learning opportunities (at all levels of employment)
  • Ongoing assessments and employee evaluation
  • Human resources ability to staff (need to be culturally aware