Last weekend, with great success, I had a pre-launch party for my recently published book called Achieving Prosperity through Diversity. The book is currently available on the for $24.99 and will be at Chapters in the coming weeks.

 The book focuses on Cultural Awareness Training in the workforce and assists businesses how to Recruit, Retain and Inspire staff for greater profits and productivity. The million dollar question for many businesses these days is how does a company bring staff from diverse backgrounds under one roof for the sake of profits and productivity? This is done by acknowledging and understanding one another through cultural awareness training.

 I decided to take a different approach than the usual book launching party, and it became more of an achievement celebration. This was by having only family and close friends attend this gathering at an upscale Indian restaurant. The regular launch will be at a later date.

 A great evening enjoyed by many, especially the guests who are business owners. It made them realize that Canadian workforce is becoming much more diverse and with that comes challenges and benefits. The businesses that will succeed in the coming years are the ones that will adapt to the changes!

Achieving Prosperity Through Diversity Book Launch Party