Coming to a new country such as Canada or any other western nation can be extremely difficult. First it is the language, then trying to find employment and then there is just simply fitting in!

But what sets apart one immigrant from another when it comes to making themselves not only comfortable but also feeling of that they truly belong there?

Here are some tips and techniques one can apply to make their lives more fulfilling and perhaps discover their true calling.
• From a mental perspective make the adoptive country as your only new homeland.
• Assimilate into the mainstream society.
• Become uncomfortable every day. On a regular basis speak to three different people who are not from your native country.
• Speak English on every occasion. Native speakers will give you respect just for the fact that you are trying.
• Attend various functions on a regular basis that you are not familiar with such the St. Patrick’s parade, the Chinese New Year, etc. And get to know the history of your adopted land which allows you to have a greater understanding and respect.
• Continue to update your education by taking evening courses in your chosen profession.
• Read for an hour every day English literature and tune into mainstream media.
• Every day meditate and visualize yourself as being successful in whatever that might be.
• Hang around with people who motivate you and see the best in you.
• Accept and respect yourself, only then will you gain respect from others.
• Always be open-minded about learning. (The highlight of my career was when I interviewed Mother Teresa. If I had told her that there was a better way to look after children, she would probably have said… “please tell me how”.)
• Positive attitude is one of the strongest elements any person can possess to being successful: career, finances, relationships, etc.

To be successful in a new environment, one must be mindful of their objective in life. And remember you are in control of your destiny.