Are you living your ideal  life? Are you one of  those individuals who had huge dreams, but for whatever reason did not take action.  If you said yes, then probabilities are  that you are not alone.  For various reasons, a large number of people do not fulfill their dreams and ambitions.

Here are some suggestions to help you get back on the right path:

Procrastination:  Do you procrastinate? Well, procrastination is one of  those killers that can  delay the action without feeling guilty. To avoid this  write down in detail of the plan and follow suit.  When I wrote my first book, it took me about three years to start. One day, I said to myself if I do not finish the book in six months, then I am going to give a certain amount of money to a  person who I am not  fond of. (The book was  written and published in five months)

What if I Fail: I truly believe  that we often learn from our mistakes because that is how we grow and move forward.  Grant yourself permission to fail because otherwise you will rarely try anything new. Failure is only in your mind because next time you will actually  know  what to do or what not to do to succeed.  Hold this idea is your head, whenever something goes amiss,  you have not failed, only the concept has gone bad. Do not get the two elements mixed up.

Time Limit: If you are going to incorporate something into your life, then  it is vital that you give yourself a time limit as to when you are going to start and finish. I know individuals who always wanted to write a book or get into the gym, and that apparently never comes about. Once you have decided to do something, then write down what  steps you are going to take.

Accountability:  You need to ask yourself, why am I doing it? Once you know the answer to this question, then you need to hold yourself accountable. You may want to  inform people in your life, who are not judgmental, but rather supportive of your effort. And get them to hold you  accountable.