All of us starting from birth, encounter  a variety of obstacles and challenges in life. Some setbacks we can deal with quite easily while others, such as losing a family member can be more difficult  to cope with.

And everyone deals with these and other incidents  in life at a different level depending on their personal situation.

In the late 1990’s, while working out at the gym doing  bench press  my ring finger got wedged between the barbell and the hook it sits on. The two plates on each side weighing 45 pounds sliced my finger like a sharp knife cutting a carrot. But a small portion of the skin – thick as a toothpick – still remained attached at the base.

In the emergency room, the two doctors wanted to amputate the finger because I was repeatedly reminded that the way it was severed there was no way to save it. It simply could not be reattached!

I am thinking to myself,  we hear in the media that doctors are able to do miracles when it comes to reattaching severed body parts and this is only a ring finger… my finger!

I informed the doctors that I did not want my finger to be amputated.  One of the doctors reluctantly bandaged the finger and told me to come back to this emergency if the pain becomes unbearable.

I  reassured the physician  that I was not going to have any pain and my finger was going to heal! Mentally I was not prepared to lose my ring finger.

As I got home, I immediately began to meditate and could see in my mind the finger healing. I wore no sling over my shoulder, but I kept it in an up-right position for the entire time.

However, the following day my finger swelled up three times the normal size and became dark purple. But I did not give up, and my mind did not play any tricks on me that it may not heal. Every day continued to meditate for hours, and truly believed every minute that passes the finger is getting healthier.

I had the bandaged changed the following week and by week three my finger had completely healed.  I took no antibiotics,  pain killers or had surgery.

Throughout  this ordeal I had No Pain!

Eventually I was called in to see my  family doctor,  I was excited to share this good news with him that I was able to heal my finger through meditation.

When I told him,  he looked at me in a strange way without saying anything.  Then I realize that just because he is an Indian descent that does not mean he believes in mediation, after all he is western trained.

I believe our bodies and minds are so powerful that we do not even know how powerful they actually are when it comes healing.

Mind over matter.