I am certain that you know someone or perhaps even yourself who is motivated to embark on something different or in spirit such as starting a new  career or running a marathon. Yet, in some ways this dream or idea,  never truly gets off because there is always tomorrow or something more important has come near.  Obviously, many people want to do things, but never act upon it.

Here are some suggestions that just might help to call for an action.

Before beginning anything new ask yourself, why am I doing it? For instance, you may have decided to endure a marathon.  Are you doing it because your friend has taken on the challenge? Or you are doing it  because this was the ace of your destination in life. Or you are doing it because you decided to get fitter?

Then next question you need to ask yourself is what action do I need to take? For instance, do you need to train with someone or do you have the discipline of doing it yourself. Then how many days a week and what time of the day are you planning to practice running?

Also important to keep mind is the diet. Are you conscious about eating healthy? If not, then what action will you take? Can you prepare healthy foods  at home?

And do not forget as to what sacrifices  are you willing to make because there will be some from missing other functions such as picnics to not being able to get together with family or friends for a movie.

When it comes to running a marathon or just working out, then you also need to get quality rest/sleep. If that is not the case right now, then what steps will you take to incorporate that.

Also critical to keep in mind is the end result, like a youngster where he/she knows what is the end outcome,  such as getting  a new toy  or something else when their room is clean.

The other piece of the puzzle to being successful is to visualize you running that marathon or any other endeavors.

These basic steps just may help you next time not only taking action, but also achieving your goals.