Getting that perfect job takes a lot of time and energy, but wasting that precious energy can be cumbersome.  Here are several tips that you can apply to save yourself grief, especially if you are new to the country.

Avoid asking friends and families members to put in a good word or pass on your resume to the appropriate person in an organization which they work for. They may have good intentions but they could easily forget to forward the resume or may not know your skills, therefore, will not be able to represent you fully.

It is more effective for them to introduce you to the right person and then you take the appropriate action. Also important to keep in mind resumes that are not sent through email have no way of getting reviewed or evaluated.

Also abstain from sending random emails to people you have met at networking groups or at other functions. This approach will be viewed as too impersonal, instead target the right person with a proper cover letter and resume.

Furthermore, you can find out from some websites how organizations deal with referrals. Many companies prioritize resumes that are forwarded by their employees. Then others offer bonus or finder’s fee.

When applying for a job, make sure you do not leave anything to chance. You want to make sure your application has reached the appropriate person or department.