These day it can can be challenging to have a stable workforce, otherwise an organization becomes a revolving door. Constantly having to replace employees is not only time consuming but also detrimental to the bottom line.

There are no perfect solutions to  create a welcoming and harmonious environment designed to achieve a high level of staff retention. However,  here are two initiatives, mentoring and diversity training education, can go  a long way toward creating an environment where everyone feels welcome and helps retention.

Here are some tips:

  • Try to be flexible. Certain cultures have different requests such as attending funerals/weddings of extended relatives/friends, which is often not the norm among the mainstream Canadians.
  • Be very proactive by celebrating/acknowledging social occasions such as Diwali (Indian festival of lights),  Chinese News Year, St Patrick’s Parade, etc.
  • Be open-minded and listen to their contribution
  • Try to accommodate employee differences
  • Value aptitude and initiates
  • Foster retention

Create a workforce that welcomes all employees from all walks of life and makes them feel respected and  valued. Diversity educational  training should be done on a regular basis.