The Canadian workplace is becoming increasingly culturally diverse. People from different ages, races, sexual orientations, ethnic backgrounds and physical disabilities come together to work under a single umbrella. In the past, there were written rules which no longer are applicable in today’s changing workplace because different cultures have different rules when it comes to working together. And that is why diversity/cultural sensitivity training is required on a regular basis, not once a year.

Here are some of the benefits when diversity training is incorporated in an organization.

Inclusive Environment:

It allows to build a safe and an inclusive environment where all staff members work along with one another. Individuals feel welcome and respected which ultimately increases productivity and profits. And when this occurs, there is a greater chance of retention rate, which reduces a high turnover.


The other thing that happens is that views of different people are welcomed and respected. This allows any organization to think out of the box to solve their problems and come to a unified solution. These day diverse points of views are necessary to compete and thrive in today’s changing world.

Different Languages:

People speaking different languages allow organizations to serve their customers, that may not be fluent in English. This not only helps to retain regular customers but also helps to gain more clientele from different ethnic groups. Employees that that speak different languages and understand different cultures also become ambassadors to your organization.

Avoiding Litigation:

Businesses that conduct diversity training on a regular basis also reduces the risks of lawsuits from discrimination or sexual harassment.