In today’s changing  North American diverse workforce, it is critical that organizations take every possible step to make their workplace inclusive. By making their workplace inclusive it severs several purposes:  better cultural harmony,  communicate more effectively, enhance teamwork and obviously  increases productivity and profits.

Here are various ways to get your workplace more inclusive:


  • Do not stereotype people because it then makes them less equal. And ask yourself, where did I get these views from?
  • On a regular basis highlight the business case for diversity.
  • Be flexible and open minded. Be curious of other cultures and try to find out why they do what they do.
  • Be cognizant about the differences amongst people within your workplace.
  • Once a month, have a diversity lunch. Try something different and new.
  • If a staff member comes out to you as gay, bisexual and lesbian or transgender, ask how you can support them. And do not tell others, let that person do that.
  • Attend multicultural functions, cultural events, ethnic dances, etc. Try to bring a friend or a staff member.
  • Be a diversity and inclusion ambassador. When an individual joins your company, extend a hand to welcome them.
  • Learn about different holidays and then celebrate them at your workplace.
  • Ask feedback from employees as to how the workplace can be better inclusive. And then take action.


By implementing some of these concepts it will aid your organization in becoming more inclusive. This could only be achieved when everyone from the top to bottom to do their part. Good luck!