The new year is upon us, and every organization needs to make Diversity a priority in their workplace.  Because the success and capability of your business depend on your ability to embrace diversity and understand the benefits.

But it seems many companies cannot simply snap their fingers and say they are diverse. Apparently true diversity only occurs through comprehensive and systematic shifts in not only thinking, but also in practicality

It needs to start with the very top-level managers and HR personnel and  then to every employee.

It is about cultrual/diversity education on a regular basis, and not once a year. And it is about assessment and evaluation.

For this to work every person is independently responsible for making a larger change. It begins with the basic phenomena by assessing and discussing one’s own personal feelings, prejudices and stereotypes. It needs to begin by having a frank discussion with yourself. And it ends with prosperity and a global and diverse workforce, which supports innovation, recognition and growth.

Any organization that embraces diversity at its core receives:

  • An ability to adapt quickly to change in the market place
  • An ability to offer merchandise and services to a broad scope of clientele
  • An ability to tap into creativity and invention
  • An ability to execute and respond promptly and appropriately to challenges

Organizations need to keep in mind that by embracing a true diversity equals productivity  and profits.