In today’s  changing  work environment, it is essential that the management team make every effort to make their employees feel welcome and respected which ultimately results in greater productivity and  profits.

Here are some of the building blocks:

Becoming  a good listener:  Many individuals feel that they are good listeners but that may or may not be the case. In many instances people interrupt or just cut each other off.  To become a good listener “just listen” and say nothing till other person is finished talking.

Genuine interest in people: An effective manager is able to juggle many balls at the same time and is able to be engage with staff at different levels. Today’s workplace consists of – baby boomers, X Generations, Y Generations GLBT and new immigrants. They all should be treated  equally with respect.

Staff  needs to  valued : Every employee needs to be reminded on a regular basis that their contribution to the company is cherished and valued. Staff members need to hear because otherwise they feel they are unworthy.

Performace Evolution: When offering evaluation on their performance, besides letting them know where they need to imrpove also them what they are doing right.

Value different opinions:  In any work environment  different points of views should be respected and valued. Even if you disagree, avoid at all cost demeaning the person. It is oaky for people agree to disagree and in some ways it is healthy.

Take action: If you tell your employees that you are going to do something then take action. Staff members will not only respect you but will also understand that their concerns have been take into account.