Today more people than ever before are relocating from one country to another for better life and economic opportunities. When a person immigrants to another nation such as Canada, which is one of the most culturally diverse states in the world, there are a few rules that should be applied.

First, learn one of the official languages, English or French, and also entice other family members to do the same. Once you are able to communicate effectively in English (Especially French in Quebec) then there is a greater chance of you being successful in your career and life in general.

It is a known fact that many new immigrants do not get the opportunity to purse their beloved   careers in their adopted land for various reasons such as biases, not having Canadian work experiences, etc. And when some do get the opportunity, they excel while other fail to capitalize on it. And often the main reason is that they are not fluent in English or French. Here is prime example when a given opportunity is missed.

A friend of mine who owns an architect firm hired a man in his 40’s from China with an architect background. However, he was not able to communicate effectively with the clients and eventually was let go.

Although he has lived in Canada for many years but failed to speak fluently and did not assimilate into the mainstream society. Every day new immigrants must become uncomfortable. For example, on a daily basis introduce yourself in English to to three different people.

It is important to make every effort not only to learn English or French but also to assimilate into the mainstream society otherwise it will be difficult to excel in career and life.